Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom Lori

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Mom Lori is celebrating her birthday today! She is not only my mother-in-law but also my best friend, my shopping buddy, and Andrea's personal "chauffeur" (joking!). Mom Lori made my life (and my adjustment) here in the USA very easy. I couldn't ask for a better Mom...she is the best!

Happy birthday Mom... we love you!


Mom of Four said...

Sweet naman,you are very lucky for having a gret mother in law, di lahat eh nabibiyayaaan ng mabbait na MIL, I bet you are great to her too that's why.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday, hope her day is special. My MIL has been gone for many years, but we always got along well. Never quite understood the awful mother in law jokes.

It's been far too long since you've visited, do come by.

Traveling Suitcase

♡ N o r e e n said...

You are very lucky to have a MIL that you get along with and like :)

Bambie dear ★ said...

belated happy birthday sa loving MIL mo =)

Dhemz said...

agoy ka sweet sa DIL...I envy you for having a wonderful/thoughtful MIL mami...

unsa man imo bday present sa iya woi? ehheheh!

tuod, karon lang jud ko naka balik...hay buhay..busy ko ug pangita sa xmas decors ganina...magsugod nako ug decorate sugod!

na abrehan na nako ang package...abi nako ug nay man nuon,.....hahaha...joke!

hala agi ko dre kadali before going to bed...ugma nako laag sa uban woi...babosh!

nag signed na tuod ko sa agreement sa outdora...thanks for sharing me about them..mwah!

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