Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shopping - Coupons = Savings

I am a sucker for coupons or any discount coupon codes. I cut coupons on our Sunday paper. I also save coupons that I can find in magazines. Believe it or not, I have save couple of hundreds by using coupons. I use a lot of coupons when buying diapers for Andrea. I use coupons for our daily toiletries and more. When we go grocery shopping, I buy the buy 1 get 1 items.

Anyway, Christmas season is fast approaching and like the previous years, I will be sending personalized Christmas greetings to our family and friends. I am glad that I found Snapfish Coupons and Discounts. This will mean that I can save if I will order our personalized greeting cards with them. Last year, everybody loves our family greeting card. I hope that this year I can find a good picture for our greeting cards.

It is normal for us parents to give Christmas gifts to our kids. Of course, I won't let this holiday season pass without buying something for my little girl. I sometimes, buy online if I find a good deal. I think I am going to look at toys or any gift items at Target. They have awesome deals that are very irresistible. Toys are common gifts for Christmas. The Toy Insider has lists of Best Holiday Toys for 2009. Check it out!


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