Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bonding with Your Spouse

For busy couples, marriage somehow take a back seat to work, kids, hobbies or community obligations. Couples just grow comfortable with their marriage that they always assume that the spouse will always be there. For me that is a wrong assumption. Couple should always find time for each other. Allotting time should not be an afterthought. The marital relationship should always be a priority.

My marriage life is not perfect, but we are happy. We always make sure that we have time for each other. We never forget to tell each other how much we love each other. We call each other even if it is just to say how's your day. There's never a day that we don't give each other a hug and a kiss. Those simple gestures spiced up our married life.

There is always something you and your spouse can do to renew the spark of your marriage. You can always spread a mat outside your house, gaze at the stars while an outdoor fire pit is burning. Isn't that romantic? You and your spouse snuggling in the comfort of each other's arm and the warmth provided by the fire pit? This type of bonding are always precious. Even during winter times, you and your spouse can still enjoy each other's company. You can always light up your fire pit and put it in your patio... sit in the rocker and just relax, and savor the moment together.

Bonding with your spouse doesn't mean you need to always dine in high class restaurants (although it is a great idea). There are other things you can do that doesn't require a lot of money. What works best for me is our time together, being together sharing laughs, jokes, and dreams .... snuggling... cuddling... while the warmth of fire pits burning provide us with the comfort that we need!


grace said...

Yap! bonding need not to be expensive di ba.. pwidi gani gitik2x!

ShY said...

Hoiis kadaghan nimug ug fire pit oi hehehe, nag doble mn sa duha ka blog.

bonding sa spouse sabak sabak sa hagdanan hehehe, hingutoay waaa

chubskulit said...

I agree, kaya lang wala kaming fire pit hehehe..

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