Friday, October 30, 2009

Trip is OVER....

Tonight, we will be going home. The trip is over and we are going back to the place we call home. It has been a good get away. We didn't do much but I am glad I was here when Mischa needed somebody to help her out.

I am happy to come home with a lot of seafood and fish. Today, we went to the seafood market to buy some shrimps, fish ( 4 kinds of fish!) and blue crabs. Oh gosh! I can't believe how cheap the fish here (per pound)

It is always nice to get away but I am looking forward to come home too! As we all say, there is no place like home. Our place may be less cozy than the hotel but still our own place is where our heart is!

These are the fish that I got:

White Trout




shydub said...

Agoy karon pko kita sa isda nga display, kalami suyopon sa mata siga and fresh. ka swerti sa taga alabama nga nagbakasyon sa mobile bit bit mn ug isdang dagko. kalami un unon oi.

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