Friday, October 30, 2009

Sexy Underwear

I love sexy underwear. Even when I was in the Philippines, I wear those skimpy ones. I feel sexier when I wear sexy underwear. It may sound crazy, but I spend more money on underwear than on pants or dresses. My mother used to tease me why I buy expensive underwear when it is worn underneath. She would say there is no need to buy those unless I will wear it on top of my clothes.

I am very choosy when it comes to my underwear. I don't wear those granny type of panty. I wear a lot of bikinis, lacy panty and of course I love wearing Sexy Thong T-Back Panty especially when I am wearing white pants. For me, when you wear white pants and sexy thong it makes you look hot!
Sexy Thong T-Back Panty

Many would wonder if wearing thongs are comfortable. I can say yes it is! When you get used to wearing thongs, it actually is more comfortable compare to the other styles. If you haven't tried, you need to! Wearing thongs can also spice up your married life. Surprise your hubby with those sexy thongs and I am sure he will be all over you. Thongs are sexy and most husbands find it irresistible. Give it a try tonight and tell me if it works....


Dhemz said...

oh my gosh...hahaha...kita man kaau ang lubot dre!

Anne said...

Agoy nia na nitapot na dire...murag kaila ko ani, ako wla nagbutang ug pic kay perti sensored naman kaau ni mi...heheheh kadto rang isa sayal ra gani akong gipili hehehe! nagtuman ko...wahhh! Naa ra nila ug ganahan sila sa!

klivengood said...

hahayyy...sige ko suot ana diri kanunay na noon tah ma rape ni banana maski udtong dako hahaha. bitaw oi mas type jud nako suot ug T-Back hehehe.

kaw diay naka kuha ani didto sa Payingpost hahaha. na late man ko..hehe

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