Friday, October 30, 2009

Summer Clothes

When we decided to come here to Mobile, I know I need to bring summer clothes. Since Mobile is near the ocean it is hotter here compared to where we live. When I packed for clothes that we will wear for a week, I packed shorts, sleeveless, spaghetti strap blouses and some other summer clothes for me. I packed shorts, skirts, sleeveless and summer dresses for Andrea. For Dave, I packed his work clothes and some t-shirts and short jeans.

It feels like summer here in Mobile. In fact, we have to use airconditioner. I can't believe that it is hot this time because last year I remember that it was cold and I remember that I wore knitted sweater last year during Halloween's trick or treat.

Anyway, while we were shopping last night, I saw a girl who was wearing a Sexy tie front crop top. I admit, it looks really good on her. She had many heads turn to her because she just look stunning on her outfit. The way she carries herself wearing that type of crop top is very classy. She was just smokin' hot!

I like looking at women who can wear stylish clothes with confidence. I don't think I can wear a sexy tie front crop top because in the first place, I don't have enough upper body to show off!


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