Friday, October 30, 2009

Mini Skirt

Tomorrow is already Halloween! This is the time of the year where kids and adult alike are looking forward to because they can wear costumes according to their preference. As for me, I am excited because this will be the first time that I will be participating in a Halloween party with my friends. We decided to wear costumes together with our kids and go trick and treating in a high-end subdivision near our place.

For those who are doing a last minute shopping for Halloween costume and doesn't have any idea what to wear, I suggest that a Pleated plaid school girl mini skirt is a style you might want to consider. If you wear this with a high thigh stockings and high heels, I believe that it is very stylish and very trendy. A sexy school girl is part of American tradition for so many years and I am sure that wearing this type of outfit for Halloween will bring back memories of high school years. If you want to feel like a sexy school girl again, you need to wear these sexy plaid mini skirt.

Wearing this mini skirt is perfect to match with a crop top or a sweater depending on the weather. Wear this as a costume for Halloween and unleash the sexy school girl in you.

Pleated plaid school girl mini skirt


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