Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wedding Invitations

I love weddings. I love the rush and the adrenaline while preparing for the wedding. When I was still in the Philippines, I used to coordinate wedding arrangements. I have coordinated countless wedding arrangement of family, friends and even acquaintances. I enjoy it a lot because at the back of my mind, it was like preparing for my own wedding. Wedding preparations demand a lot of time because there are so many things to arrange... wedding invitations invitations, flowers, receptions, guests, give-away... and more!

I am very particular when it comes to suggesting what type of wedding invitations should be used. I always tell my friends that I prefer that they will opt to use letterpress wedding invitation because they are elegant and very classy. I always believe that the type of wedding invitation you are handing out to your guests will reflect what kind of wedding they are going to attend.

Speaking of weddings, my sister Menmen plans to have a Catholic wedding ceremony next year. We have talked about it for a while now, and we both agreed that she use letterpress wedding invitations, which will be made here in the USA. I just wish that I can be there on her wedding day. Let's just see how we will fare economically by that time!


shydub said...

I enjoy occassion like wedding too, helping for the decoration and stuff. too bad we never get our dream wedding here hehehehe

Dhemz said...

agoy ka bibo dire sa opps...tinaginting man jud...maau pa dire da....hehehe....:)

second the motion with tsang..dont worry..magpa mass wedding bya tang!

Clarissa said...

Sana ikasal uli ako--gusto ko kay Jenson Button naman lol!!\(^0^)/

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