Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chiggers (Bites)

Chiggers At A Glance

  • Chiggers do not burrow into and remain inside the skin, contrary to popular belief.

  • Chiggers inject digestive enzymes into the skin and feed upon the decomposed tissue.

  • Pronounced itching is the main symptom of chigger bites.

  • Bites may appear as blisters or as flat or raised red areas.

  • Treatment involves supportive measures to control itching.
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    As you all know, we went out fishing twice already. Since we went fishing, we got in contact with grassy fields and moist area around the lake. Dave and I both experienced itching and blister looking red spots which of course we presume that these are chigger bites. We are both miserably itching. According to some articles that I read, these itching will lasts up to 2 weeks. As in geezzzz.....

    Lesson learned! Next time around, we will wear long sleeves and long pants and use mosquito repellent because mosquito repellents are effective at repelling chiggers.


    Anne said...

    Next time mami, you should be more careful kay masayang ang mga wow legs nato diha. Ok?

    Dhemz said...

    waaaaaaaaaaaa...hahhaha...ingon ang isda nga nakabawi daw sila.....joke!

    agoy sige diay ka pangatol diha mami? wala man kaha ka nasamaran sa sige ug kalot?

    laphawi na mami...I mean lukewarm ba...laphaw man jud...hehhehe...:)

    anyhow, wara-wara nako kay lau pa akong byahe..maabtan napod ko ani ug!

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