Monday, August 17, 2009

Pamper the Man of Your Life

Dave and I are living a happy life. Married life has its ups and downs but we are dealing it together and we are doing exceptionally well! We may not have all that we want but we are content of what we have. Anyway, we both love to spoil each other. Doing things that are simple yet special. Little surprises that bring a smile to our faces.

Recently, I surprised Dave with a new Gessato Shaving Cream. I know shaving is somewhat a hassle especially if you have to do it twice a day. Dave does not complain because he knows that I like it when he is cleanly shaven. Sometimes, he gets cuts, abrasions, and minor irritation when he shaves, that is why I also bought an After Shave Balm for him. This will help soothes and moisturize his skin.

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