Monday, August 17, 2009

I Need Help!

Car insurance premium is killing my budget! Our car insurance is up for renewal next month and I need help in finding a cheap yet reliable car insurance provider. As much as I hate paying for car insurance, I need it because it is a law and besides, it is a protection in case something happens. I surely don't want to be liable for expenses in case we will be involved in some kind of accident.

Right now, I need auto insurance quotes that way I can compare prices of different insurance providers. I hope that I can find a local insurance provider that will give me a premium that will fit my budget.


shydub said...

Na preha ta ani lulu, amoa sd expire registration this september, I hope our car will pass the car inspection, mura ra banaa prob. ngita na sd ta ani aloy para paayo sakyanan. buhay merica, kung pwedi palang buy ta jeep mamasahero ts dri

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