Sunday, August 16, 2009

When it Rains... it Pours!

It is fiesta at my sister Lita's place. My parents and some of my siblings were there to celebrate. I had a chance to call and talk to them. I even talked to Dad which is very seldom. Dad doesn't like talking to me in the phone because of all in the family he is the most emotional one. When he talks to me, he always ends up crying. Today, I had a chance to just chit chat with him, and it was great. I was also able to talk to my brother Frony whom I basically grew up with. He was my brother, father and friend while I was living in Manila....

Anyway, I just receive a news from them about our youngest brother Jojo, who is an Electrical Engineer by profession and works in an international cargo vessel for a while now. I think 5 months ago, he decided not to renew his contract with his agency because of some unfulfilled promise on the agency's side (promotion and salary increase). After few months of spending time at home, he decided to come back to Manila for some training to improve his skills and at the same time applied for another job in another agency. With his qualification and certifications it is not hard for him to be hired. He signed a contract few weeks ago for a higher salary (almost doubled with the former agency). Everything was great... the agency purchased everything he needs and he was set to work last week of this month.... The other day, he received a call from his former agency offering a job promotion and a higher salary (4x than what they paid him for the last 3 times that he worked with them).... wow can you imagine that! Anyway, Jojo is already committed to the new agency so he turned down that offer.

When it rains, it really pours.... I am happy for Jojo for he found a job that is in line with his profession and he enjoys doing. .... besides, I am so proud of him because he never forgets to help our parents.... Anyway, about the lucrative offer of his former agency, Jojo's new agency will compensate him with the same amount on his next contract....

To my brother whom I called Allen and Tiyo sometimes... I wish you a good journey... I hope that there will be a chance that you will dock in Florida so that we can meet you!


mye said...

hi lulu - nice to meet fellow pinay blogger. hope i can get to know you ^_^

shydub said...

Goodluck to you bro lulu. ug maayong fiesta sd sa inyo oi, kalami naman ipamista aron kakaon ta ug litson.

Dhemz said...

hello Mami Lu...woi parehas man diay ta ug NN sa brother...jojo....hehehe!

good luck sa bro mo step for him is a!

na sa family namo Mami...akong Loo ang very emo....I grew up most of my life with my grandparents...I am close to everytime I call...he cries...pero d na ron...hehehe...murag naanad na!

anyhow, agi lang ko dire kadali Mami...adto sa me sa pinoy store...bag-o lang ko kamata...late nami nakauli last night sa wedding...2 hours drive pa jud....pamaol ko ug sayaw...nyahhaha...joke!

sige pindot sako...brb unya...babosh!

klivengood said...

Lu, sobrand bait naman ni hubby mo, didto gikan sa iya blog, palaagon jud diay ka nya..ka swerte sa babe diha...nah! ako bana di jud ko kalaag ug balay maski wa siya diri kay mag sigi lang ug panawag unya di musugot kung sa cellphone mutawag kay kinahanglan sa landline mutawag. kung mulakaw gani ko, kinahanglan kauban ako anak or papa..ako na lagi ning ilisan ba kay sobrang ka seloso...hehehe

klivengood said...

ay take two!!!!!!!!

Congrats sa brother Jojo mo...unsa iya agency sa Maynila...ako cousin kay sa CFSharp ug dugay na sya pabalik-balik ug sakay anang agency kay they give good compensation jud den sa Miami, Florida ang main office. Cruise ang iya gisakyan.

Phebie said...

hi lu!

wow so happy to hear that great news from you brother.

muzta na? blog hopping here and dropping some EC...God Bless! hope u could visit my new posts there!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Im happy for your bro, Lulu.
Gimingaw na ka sa fiesta, noh? Ako sab... :)

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