Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Authentic Swiss Vacation


Our ultimate dream vacation will be Switzerland. Ever since Dave and I got married we always dreamed of one day we will be able to have a vacation in Switzerland. We wanted to explore the beauty and wonders of Switzerland. We will definitely marvel at the beauty of Swiss mountains and alps. Of course, who would want to miss the fine cheeses and chocolates when it comes to food when visiting Switzerland. It will be a grand vacation for us because we will definitely check their different cuisine, their watch making industry, its scenery and we will try their excellent network of public transportation.

I was doing my travel research when I came across Typically Swiss Hotel - the new hotel marketing group provided by Switzerland Tourism. As I was browsing the website, I was so impressed with its numerous hotels that offer relaxation and diversion. All the hotels that belong to Typically Swiss Hotels are unique in its own way. They all offer authentic architectural style, attractive locations, and exceptional personalized services. A Typically Swiss for me is something that is breathtaking that only Switzerland can offer.

Grandhotel Giessbach is my top pick among all the Swiss Hotels . This place is just so marvelous and it presents how authentic Switzerland can be. This place is a jewel as it is surrounded by mountains, forests and alpine meadows, with breathtaking views of the unspoiled scenery around Lake Brienz.

Switzerland is beautiful and very impressive. Check their tourism and visit their website to explore their authentic hotels. After you checked them, I am sure you will understand why Swiss is our ultimate dream vacation and I know you will fall in love with the place.



Ashley Ladd said...

What a wonderful vacation. My hubby wants to take a cruise to Alaska which sounds good to me. I've also dreamed of visiting Great Britain especially Scotland and England. And I'd also love to visit New Zealand and Australia.

Dhemz said...

sos maau pa si Mami Lu kay tinaginting ang bulsa...nyahahhaha.....:)

shydub said...

Korak ka diyan tsang, maypa ni si lulu kakuha dayon. Wala ko kakuha ana swiss swiss oi, ambotdili nila tagaan ang mga foors para ra sa mga datu puti hehehehehehe. Kuyoga nya ko kung mo bakasyon mo dha lulu ha, yaya lng ko andrea.

Cacai M. said...

nah pareha diay tah MomiShy, mag-yaya na lang unya tah ni Andrea ani ky hapit nani madato^ ning atong isa ka suki danhi.. heheh.. pareha lang ni sila aning ikaduha nga commenter ay.. hehehe.. hugs to you Madam sis and MomiLu.. More powers ky Julia! (~_~)

Analou and Bones said...

I really heard a lot of good things about Switzerland Lu. It's really a beautiful place. We are also planning to visit there hopefully next year if money and time will allows us. I am not into cheeses and chocolates but I will love to devour one or two if I have the chance to visit this amazing country. Take care my friend and enjoy ur day.

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