Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Laundry Tips

Doing the laundry is one of the most difficult job when you live in a place where is no access to washing machines and dryer. While I was in the Philippines, we are lucky because we have a washing machine that helped doing the laundry easier. The washing machine that we had was not automatic. Meaning to say, we have to pump water from the well, put the water into the washer, add soap and set it to spin. When the machine is done, you have to manually take all the clothes and manually rinse it.

Doing laundry here in the USA using washer and dryer is no sweat at all! Here are some tips in saving your time and energy:
  • As you put the clothes in the dryer, give each item a good snap. This will help the clothes dry thoroughly and it can reduce wrinkling.
  • If clothes are wrinkled from sitting in the dryer ( I am guilty of this!), toss in a small damp towel and run the dryer for 15 minutes.
  • Use a wooden or padded hangers to avoid leaving hanger marks on damp shirts. You can also hang the shirts upside down securing the bottom with a clothes pin.
  • Use cold water and match the water level to the size of your load.
  • Separate lightweight clothes from towels and other heavy items when drying.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

To be honest, I miss the way I wash my clothes when I was still in the Philippines. I feel like "my washing" is cleaner than the washing machine. LOL

Dhemz said... sweat jud Mami Lu...ako kay wala man ko naanad ug kuso kuso...nag try ko ug laba sa una sa mga baby clothes ni Akesha..sos tawon, nangasamad akong mga kamot...trying hard ra kaau....hehehehe!

lisod man jud washing ang baby clothes kay d malimpyo..mas prefer pako sa handwash..pero d lang ako maghandwash...ang manglabahay ra...nyahahhaa!

karon sa pinas mami Lu kay nana washing machine nga usa ra...bali combo sya....tapos d na manual...unlike sa una...sos pagkalisod ato kay magtagad paka mapuno ang tubig...nya mag atang pa jud...hehee!

Dorothy L said...

Great tips.
Also if you hang laundry outside...many people complain about towels being too stiff...make sure that you shake them well before hanging this removes any excess water and it helps the towels to dry softly:)
That way you do not have to even tumble them and still save energy :)

Arlyna said...

Lu, my favorite chore definitely. I agree with you though when it comes to the Philippines - I remember my grandmother's helper washing the clothes but she used a wooden slab to beat the clothes. I had to tell her to stop because they were delicate clothes. We end up buying a washing machine for them, but what they do is wash the clothes by hand and then rewash again with the machine.

chubskulit said...

thanks for the tips, guilty din ako sa wrinkled clothes pag nalilimutan kong kuhanin agad hehehe,..

By the way, I added this in my baby blog, hope you can add it here too.. mwah..

shydub said...

Sus, kaagi na nmu lulu, for 1 year living in that old suckishly apartment, we had to do our laundry at the laundrymat. Preha jd ta tsang, magpalabada mn gani ko sauna intawn ky I hate labadami. Ako sd try ko panglaba kinamot pag abot nku dri sus nihilak ko ky gikapoy ko. Karon hubby pa ang naglaba amo mga clothes labi na sa baby what is nagisian pa ang maid hehehehe

Cecile said...

thanks for this great tips :-); it is useful!

hitesh rawat said... too a bachelor...... and washing clothes kill me.............but in know i'll miss these dayssssss

woo hoo to you \,,,/

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