Thursday, August 13, 2009

GYN Appointment

I had my Gyn Appointment at 10:00 AM today that is why I was not in the blogland... lol

I had my annual check and my Gyn said that everything seems alright at the moment based on the tests. The result of the pap smear will be in 2-3 weeks.

I was glad that even though there was a lot of patients, I didn't wait very long. I was there for only about an hour. Andrea was as usual at her best while her Nana was with her waiting on me. After my appointment, we went shopping! Yehey!

We got some good buys especially Andrea's stuff! We started buying some winter outfits for her since it will be winter soon. It is funny because Andrea already picks up what outfit she wants! lol... She is a born shopper and she has proved it today!

Thanks Mom for being our chauffeur!


Cacai M. said...

agoy mao nag-shopping diay.. waz na jud ka kahulat sa Kmart mareng.. duha ra ba to kabook gihatag sa imo.. heheh.. bitaw oi, pag-enjoy dha. hugs!

akoa appointment ky sa 21 pah.. morag tapad2x ra jud tah og petsa mareng, ugma mn unta to or last week pero red tide mn paabot.. heheh..

Dhemz said...

nyahhaha...unsa pa..shopaholic bya ang inahan...kung ano ang sanga yun ang bunga...tama ba na? hehehe...joke! sos maau ra jud ka kay sige man ka shopping mami Lu woi....ako pod nag wara wara pod ko ganiha..nig adto ko ug target ug walmart...pabugnaw pod gamay..maau nalang naka tipid sa aircon...nyahahaha!

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