Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Movie Meme: Hated It

I never walked out on a theater or movie house because I think I am just wasting my money because I am sure I wont get my money back. Besides, I also don't go to the movie house unless the movie trailer is really really good.

When it comes to DVD, I just stopped watching it or else I will just sleep than wasting my time. There are times though that I give the movie a chance until I wouldn't notice that it was the end, and I will ask my husband... is that it?

Anyway here is my list of movies that I hate...

Monty Phython and the Holy Grail. Dave couldn't wait for us to watch this because this is a classic movie. Well, too bad I didn't like it! I end up opting to sleep.

Napoleon Dynamite. I just hate this movie. He is not funny for me. Actually to me, he is annoying.

Way of War. I like Cuba Gooding, Jr. To my disappointment this movie sucks! It is like you keep on saying... so... what's next??? It is bad although I finish it watching this.

The Happening. Another disappointment as I love Mark Wahlberg. I was annoyed by the wind lol. I end up saying okay... whatever... I just wasted 2 hours of my time!

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Chris said...

i didnt like the happening too...

niko said...

waaaah sa movei hate list mo, luckily wala pa ko napanood kahit isa :D relief heheheh

musta ganda?

Terry Kate said...

I avoided watching most of these because I figured I might need to walk out or at the very leat change the chanel. Thanks for sharing and if you want you can see mine here.
my Blog
Terry Kate

shydub said...

Na, wala jud ko kita ana imu gipanganlan nga movie lulu, although I have seen the play of monty phyton spamalot,it was funny, i had no idea some of their funny stuff were from that movie.
oooist, daghan nata ani na disabled sa adsense, hudeo jud, matingala ra mn ta ky dili nata ka log in, email dayon disabled toink!tsk tsk, makalagot, imbis waiting na unta ko sa akong madawat. I think mao na ila way para dili kabayad, mga barat!

klivengood said...

ay ambot, dili jud ko tig-tan-aw anang mga movies nga wa ko kaila especially kung dili jud known, na maypa mag blogging na lang enjoy pa..nyahahaha. oi BTW. kalami gud sa date nyo ni hubby. without the princess man jud. ingon sila, ang oyster daw ay PAMPAGANA hahaha, naa diay binabalak si banana sa imo hahaha.

pehpot said...

although I find the happening stupid, I like it a bit haha, ayoko ng mga action filled movie but there was one that I like so much, ung kay clive owen, forgot the title, not fan of bond movies din..

grabe pala ang avocado jan..

Make or Break

Lynn said...

I laughed at Napoleon Dynamite but war movies usually do not interest me.

grace fancubit said...

Better late than never.. my list is up. Dont like the happening also..

maria said...

Haven't seen any of these, buti na lang, haha. :)

The Modern Mom

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I don't spend too much time on movie na hindi ako sure na gusto ko. :)
Pero minsan, andyan ang "compromise" dahil pinag-usapan na namin nga asawa ko yan eh. :)

The Bumbles said...

Oh funny! The Holy Grail is one of our favorites! We like absurd humor :0)

Also enjoyed Napolean Dynamite - but can totally see why others would hate it - one of those love it or leave it movies.

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