Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free Online Courses

The job competition out there is very stiff. With the economic recession and lots of job losses, no doubt that there are more people looking for a job right now. There are less job opportunities and more people trying to get a job. Companies will try to hire someone that has the edge over all other applicants. Now, the question is how to have the edge in order to land on your dream job?

I have been dreaming of one day having to work in an office. Given the experiences and educational degree that I possessed, I know I can handle working in an office but there is a big hindrance for me to land an office job.... I came from the Philippines and my work experience and educational attainment doesn't count.

I am glad to stumble upon is a place to go for people like me who wants to increase their knowledge and skills about office management. Elearning with is perfect for my needs and they offer free online courses. In fact, I already registered on their Microsoft Office Word 2007 Fundamentals, this course will refresh my knowledge about Microsoft Word. I also registered on their Interview Skills - Getting the Interview because this will be helpful to make myself ready for my first US Job Interview.



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