Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dining @ John City Diner

Last Saturday Dave and I went out on a date and dined at John City Diner in Trussville, Alabama. That was the first time that we went and dined in that place although we have seen it so many times.

There were less people when we entered the restaurant and the waiter put us at the booth. The place is very remarkable... the way they design their booths is very nice.

For our appetizer Dave ordered Fried Oyster and I ordered a cup of Gumbo. Usually, for appetizers we always order calamaris but they don't have it. As usual we both order tea for our drinks.
A cup of Gumbo

Fried Oysters (The dipping sauce is really yummy)

The appetizer was really good. That was the first time that I had Gumbo and I like the spices in it. It is a little spicy. The fried oyster is also good and its dipping sauce is just wonderful.

For our main course, Dave ordered Pan Seared trout with french fries and sauteed corn on the side while I ordered Red Snapper with pineapple relish and mango butter sauce with french fries and buttered sweet potato for the side.

Red Snapper with Pineapple Relish and Mango Butter Sauce

Pan Seared Trout

The trout was good but the sauteed corn is awful. Dave and I both like the crispiness of the trout's skin. The red snapper was just okay and I think I can cook better with it though. The pineapple relish and mango butter sauce was really good, and I might try making it in the future.

Considering the price that we paid for our dinner, It is not worth it. I am not coming back to dine in there.


Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

Just charge it to experience, Lulu. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

kittykat said...

Oh my foodie nanaman..kakagutom naman talaga oo..makapindot na nga lang para may pang diner kayo ulit sa susunod sis..LOL

yen said...

ka nice sa foods..i know mhal na for sure, agi lang ko

klivengood said...

hmmmm..mukahang masarap naman ah..ang mahal siguro..baka ambiance ang binayaran mo dyan hehehe...lakwatsa uroy mo dah without the princess hehe

MommaWannabe said...

Better luck next time I guess...maybe nga ambience kaya mahal?

Momma Wannabe
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Dhemz said...

nyahhahaha...nakabayad ug dako nga isada ra ang g order....joke! kalami ba ani mami Lu woi....mahilig diay mo sa seafoods? ug tea pod?

woi at least bahala ug mahal ang bayad basta nag enjoy mo sa inyo date ni Dave...hehehe..wala diay mo nag margarita?

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