Sunday, July 19, 2009

Went Out on a Date!

SSShhhh we went out on a date last night without Andrea. We have not done it in a long time. Thankfully, Mom and Dan offered to keep Andrea while Dave and I went out on our date. At first we were worried that Andrea might just end up crying the whole time. But guess what??? she didn't even noticed that we were gone and didn't miss us at all!

She always have so much fun when she is at Moms. She loves playing with Mom and Dan. She got plenty of toys there to occupy her time and she got those very "resourceful" pot holders in her own drawer (meaning a drawer where she is allowed to play). Mom gave her a drawer where she can play with her pot holders. She loves playing with it and give them to her favorite Papa Dan.

I was proud that Andrea did so well without us. I always worry that she will be a handful when we leave her at Mom's and Dan's. Andrea was a Good Girl and for that she got a popsicle.... hahaha she loves eating the popsicle without our help which means she will be messy all over.

Anyway, we went out to dine at John City Diner (My review will be in other post). We had a great time, Dave and I were able to talk without worrying of Andrea. It was a great night. I couldn't wait to go out and watch movie!!!! It will be great since we haven't seen a movie in the theater for a long time.

Anyway, thanks Mom and Dan for keeping Andrea... we really had a great time!


shydub said...

Ka sweet man sa weekend ninyo lulu, nag date d i mu. ana jd ayaw kalimti ang date. maayo mn mo kay na mo bantay ni inday andrea, makalugar ang mag asawa ug date. nya asa mn mo nag date hehehehehe tsismosa jd oi.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Wow! Matured na jud inyo baby kay pwede na mabiyaan. :)
Nice to know that you had a wonderful night out. :)

Chris said...

sweet.. your baby is growing up na!

kittykat said...

That;s something sis..its good that you are still able to go out on a date with your husband..i think more couples should do keep the spark you know..

Anne said...

kalami oi sa date ni mami lulu.. hala mami, wazzzzz jud taud kamatikud si andrea nga nawa na si mom ug dad niya..hahah! malingaw ang bata sis. Or ni give lang jud sya time sa iyaha dada and mama..ehehhe!

Dhemz said...

yay! ka kiat...nyahhahaa...joke! selos nuon ko da....dugay nasad me wa kag date ni banana nako....:)

wohoooo...masundan diay ni si Andre ug kadali ani kay sexy man daw ka atong nag date mo....hehehee....:)

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