Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well Baby Check-up @ 18 months

Andrea is already 18 months and we went to see her pediatrician today for her well baby check up at 18 months. Everything is great. The pediatrician said she is marvelous (health-wise). She now weighs 24lbs and 6 oz. Her height is 30 1/2 inches. The doctor said that her weight is perfect for her age but below normal with her height. Oh well.... what can she expect her mother is Filipino so as most Filipinos, I am height challenged! Her sister Mischa is also small, so I think Andrea will not be a tall lady like her daddy. I am not worried about the height because as I say, she has the genes of being short.

Andrea does not like doctors, when she saw the stethoscope she started crying. We have to pin her down just to let the doctor check her. She screams and kicks (which, she is really good at!). When the nurse came for her shots, she just wail like no other baby can do it! She had two shots today. If she has no health problems (God forbid!), she will see her pediatrician again in 6 months. That will be in time for her to be 2 years old.

Since Dave is working, Mom is our chauffeur (as always!).... Thanks a lot Mom!


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