Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Power Outage

This week has been a week of power outages. We experience power outage almost every day. The outage lasts as long as 6 hours. I am glad I have a laptop for I can use it for a couple of minutes even if we don't have the electricity. The power outage has become annoying because it last long and I could not do the usual things. Andrea does not like total darkness. She gets scared of it. I am glad we stocked up on scented candles. It becomes very handy these days.

Few days ago, I was in the middle of cooking our dinner when the power went out. Of course, I don't have a choice but to throw it away because I was in the middle of making a beef pasta and the power was out for 6 hours. We were afraid it is no longer safe to continue cooking it. We end up having McDonald's dinner that night.

Two night ago, we were about to watch a movie when the power went out. I felt so grrr. We always look forward to our movie nights. We had to wait until midnight before we were able to watch the movie.

I bet that people are using Diesel Generators during power outages. I think we need to buy one for ourselves. It seems like it is good investment. A Towable Diesel Generators will be the type that would fit our needs because we have limited space inside our place. We will definitely look for a Diesel Generator this weekend in order to end my misery.


klivengood said...

hay sus, na experienced ko then nawala ang kuryetne..lucky may uling naman diri sa Pinas..haha

David Funk said...

I've heard other friends of mine talk about power outages, too.

After reading this, I feel fortunate when I was kid because my dad worked at a place as an Engine Mechanic. They also sold generators which he was able to take home for free much of the time when the power was out for various reasons.

I think its a wise move to buy a generator especially as often as you experience outages.

Nice posting my friend!

Dana Telco said...

Yah, You must buy a generator.

jeng said...

I hate power outage, especially if it's hot :(

Dhemz said...

oh my...hope nana kuryente nimo diha mami Lu...unsa nalang atong panginabuhi...hehehe!

woi ugma rako for sure mag chicka dire ha..kapot kau ko...drop by lang ko dire kadali..miss yah! mwah

Sheila Sultani said...

If you are really thinking about getting a generator make sure that you NEVER, EVER use it inside - people are dying all the time from this - it produces Carbon Monoxide which is odorless and kills very quickly. I just saw a story from here in Norfolk were 3 family members died because they were using a generator in their house.

Arlyna said...

Lu, those power outages reminded me of my vacation in the Philippines. Everyday at a particular time, the electricity was down.

When it happens here in Montreal, I usually call the hydro electric company and they would inform me of the cause and when is the approximate time it will come back.

But that's a bummer when it's out in the middle of cooking your meals.

vhingF said...

you need to buy 4 burner gas stove and gas tank , hihihihi to be sure you will not throw the half cooked food, sayang .......

we have here both , laging handa mga pipol diri ay..

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