Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Power of Hugs

When Andrea gets up in the middle of the night to give me a kiss or a hug, it is priceless. Andrea works as Dave's alarm clock too... She would run and bang the door until it opens and climb to the bed and give her daddy a kiss or a hug or both. That is her way of waking up her daddy. She would pick up her daddy's shirt and give it to him, and that is her way of saying time to get up because she is ready to play. These are just few of the things that makes us happy.

Did you give your child a hug today? Hugs are magical. They work like vitamin pills. You should give one to your child everyday to bring a glow on his face, to energize his mind and to boost his self-esteem. Yes, all these benefits in just one hug! Your child will feel confident when you hug and tell him 'you are looking really smart'. Your child will believe you when you put your arms around him and say 'I am proud of you'. And your love will surely touch his heart if you tightly cuddle your child and say 'I love you'.

And children love getting hugs. Don't you? Even today when your mother or father hold you lovingly in their arms, don't you smile through tears? So the magic of hugs never fades, it just gets stronger and stronger with time.

Parents who find themselves stuck up in a cold war with their child, where communication seems to be decreasing with each day, should not begin rejuvenating their relationship with a long speech but simply with a warm hug. This heart to heart non- verbal form of communication always works and is never misunderstood.

We should hug our kids more often, even when there is no reason. For no reason can be bigger than love.


MamaFlo said...

No matter the age, Hugs mean even more than kisses or words.
Give everyone you care about a hug.

Arlyna said...

Aww, Andrea is so cute. I can envision her climbing the bed and giving you hugs - that's sweet. I want my own now :). Giving my hugs to you and Andrea

shydub said...

Ka cute sa imu baby lulu, mas sweet jud girl kay sa boy sa, akong jake mo hug lang kung gutomon hehehe. hugs n kisses to your baby andrea.

Dorothy L said...

i couldn't agree more :)

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