Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dog Shedding

We have been discussing about owning a pet dog. I have so many qualms of getting one because I don't like dog hairs all around our place. Dave believe that having a pet dog will be good for Andrea. He believes that it will help Andrea develop some sense of responsibility, friendship, trust and loyalty. Andrea is very good with animals. She is very gentle with them. Whenever we visit Mom and Dan, she always play with the dogs. Mom and Dan owns two basset hounds which they got from a rescue house. Their dogs are Buffy and Bosley. I noticed that some dogs shed excessively. I don't have a lot of knowledge about dogs, I thought that shedding excessively is normal to all dogs. I did not know that healthy dogs, no matter their breed, DON'T SHED year 'round. Wow! That is a relief for me since we are considering having our own pet dog.

One reason why a dog may shed excessively or itches and scratches a lot is the dog may suffer from fairly common nutritional deficiencies. Dinovite has supplements that provide delicate nutrients, digestive enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids that can't survive the cooking process of most dog foods. They have dog shampoos that are all natural, soothing and contain helpful essential oils. They lather nicely and rinse off quickly and don't leave any harsh synthetic itchy residue.

Do you have any problems with your pet dog? You can visit Donavite's solutions center for a customized solution to your dog's problem. Make your dog happy today, get rid of its shedding, itching and scratching. Check Donavite's nutritional supplements because I am sure they are the right products for your dogs.



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