Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why, Oh Why?

I am having problems with my Entrecard. It does not show its widgets. Every time I visit a website with entrecard widget on it, it won't show up. It only shows the word "drop". After I click the drop, it will not show the usual message, instead it will just show the box where the message should appear. I have to refresh the page to make sure that I made the drop. Too much hassle for sure.

I started having this problem since last night. I was wondering why. I am using firefox so, I presume they are no longer compatible. When I opened the entrecard website using Explorer it worked well. All EC widgets work well when I open it with Internet explorer. The only problem is, I prefer using firefox as for me it is a lot faster and I am used to it already.

Anybody experienced this? What can I do to make EC work in my firefox? helpppppppppp


Dhemz said...

halo Mami Lu..haven't experience this issue on EC yet...I prefer using MF than is a whole lot faster....I wonder why the EC button is acting like that....hmmmm...have no clue...:)

Anyhow, musta na Mami Lu? now lang jud ko naka lingkod ug tarong sa PC...kakaalis lang ng bisita namin I can go back to my regular routine....:)

na miss nako tong 22 bucks ganina da...sayang..palit unta to ug!

bitaw, unsa inyo plan sa father's day? kami wala pa man woi...wala pa gani ko palit gift...ehhehe..ikaw unsa imo gift sa imo banana?

hala sige next time na ta chicka kay wapa raba ko ka blog hop sa ka tribo nato...2 days nako absent sa blog land...kamo kamo ra ako bisita..mamawi sako sa uban tribo ...hehehe...miss yah Mami Lu...kisses kay Andre...mwah!

Dana Telco said...

Sorry, can not help about it.

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