Friday, May 1, 2009

Women's Love of Shoes

Shoes are hot! They are collected, worn and loved by women around the globe. They are everywhere. You can find them in magazines, calendars, and they even come in a dangling miniature precious metal version for earrings and pendants. And of course you can find them in the most common place - women's closet. Shoes is not just something you put on your feet, it is a passion, a hobby, a personal statement and it is even an obsession to some.

I love shoes! I often wear high heels because it makes me feel sexy. Oftentimes, I have the tendency to cower. Wearing high heeled shoes forces me to take a stand. It is believed that wearing high heeled shoes lends curve because it raises the buttocks and curves the back, while pushing the chest forward. Although wearing high heeled shoes limits the mobility and physical ease, more women wear it because it gives them a sense of feminine sexuality.

There are different kinds of shoes that you can find at AMIClubwear. Since it is summer and I want to enjoy the outdoors with my little girl, one of my favorites in their collection is the Silver Snake T-strap Thong Slingback Flat Sandals. This sandals will be good for me to wear while enjoying the outdoors. This piece is comfortable yet classy.

Girls, do you want a new addition to your shoe collection? Check AMIClubwear, they have trendy and stylish shoes at affordable prices.



Dhemz said...

woi kalami ani nga sandal...hehehee....musta imong shopping kagahapon Mommy Lu? thanks tuod sa chicka minute nato sa YM kagahapon ha...hehehhe...:)

looking forward to chat with you again....:)

woi nana kay napili didto nga shoes? hehehe...barato ra bya tong uban...hehehe...:)

asa man mo this weekend? ay oo naman diay tuod bday party inyo adtoan...hehehe...:)

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