Friday, May 1, 2009

What is HVAC?

I heard about HVAC but I never tried to understand what are those. In most classified ads of Manila, Philippines newspapers, you can always find jobs for HVAC Technicians. Since, I don't have interest in this field I never paid any attention to it. When I moved here in the USA, I was amazed that we have air condition and heater in one unit - which is called HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning). Well, try to understand that I came from a place where there is no need for heater and aircondition unit is a luxury.

HVAC is also called climate control. Well, it really fits the name because you use HVAC at all times. HVAC is really a necessity for us because the climate in where we live is either extremely hot or extremely cold. Because of the need for HVAC it becomes a worldwide industry with career opportunities including operation and maintenance.

How to maintain our HVAC? It is important to keep the air conditioning and heating filters clean. Airflow is very important to the efficiency of the HVAC. Clean filters plays a big role in maintaining a proper airflow. Dirty filters restricts the airflow which will result in higher energy consumption and costly repairs.

If your HVAC unit needs repair you need to contact a professional. Las Vegas HVAC contractor offers the best service in town and are reasonably priced for all of your Air Conditioning and Heating needs.


Harry Seenthings said...

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R J said...

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