Saturday, May 2, 2009


We just got back from a friends house (Lotlot's house). We attended birthday party for her son Jonathan and Alma's son Matthew. It was a double birthday party. We stayed longer because we watched the (Pay Per View) fight between Hatton and Pacquiao. There were more or less 30 people watching the fight and you can't imagine how noisy it was!

It was really unbelievable how Manny fought. He is just so powerful. His punches are just too much to handle for Hatton. I feel sorry for Hatton though when he was knocked out the last time. I was afraid he was hurt badly by Manny.

It was really fun. We joke that the fight was not worth it because we waited so long only for the fight to be over after 2 rounds.

Congrats Manny.... (hmmmm millions dollar richer again!)


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