Friday, May 8, 2009

Educational Toys

Andrea is 17 months. At her young age, she is learning a lot of things already. She is trying her best to talk although we can't understand her yet. She keeps on talking in her own way. For the past few days, she is enjoying herself pretending to read. She will open the pages of her different books then she will start talking like she is reading. Sometimes, she would hand the book to me or to her Dad and let us read it for her.

Among other things, Andrea loves to listen to music. Whenever she hears a music that she likes, she will start dancing to the beat. She also tries to imitate the singer so she also sings (it is actually more like humming).

As we noticed that Andrea is music inclined, we buy her toys that plays music or makes music. In this way, it will encourage her to develop her love for music. One of her favorite toys is the Smart Builders Piano. This toy is one of the many products sold by MEGA Brands.

Mega Brands sells different variety of toys. You can shop by category or by age. They have educational toys that will help develop your child's creativity, concentration, coordination and patience. Shop now and give your child a toy that can help develop his potential.



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