Friday, May 8, 2009

Mommy Moments: Happy Mommy Moment

mommy moments

There are so many happy moments of being a Mom. Some are captured by the lens and some more moments are not! Those moments are always remembered and treasured.

One of my favorite pics... we are just playing in the floor

Andrea's First Bday

Christmas 2008

Our First Snow

"Red" night

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Chris said...

nice pics.. i love the first and last pictures :D happy mother's day!

Genejosh said...

Just lying on the floor with my baby makes my day bright...worth to be treasured!

Happy Mother's Day!
Mine's here:
Mommy Moments- Happy Mommy Moments

Beth Moreno said...

hallu mami lulu! you're right...ako of my faves din yung first pic na pinost mo. and cute cute!!!

happy mom's day to you! =)

Anonymous said...

Adorable kids. Love it.

Dhemz said...

sos ka gwafa sa mag ina...hehehe..great photos here Mommy Lu....thanks for sharing....:)

woi dont forget to send your pics ha....Happy Mother's day ahead...asa man mo mag date ani? hehhehe!

vhingF said...


hmmm....ala me nyan...kc I'm here nga..

Arlyna said...

I agree with Chris - enjoy your bundle of joy. Happy Mother's Day!

By MelCole of PA said...

hello, maybe I got lost in commenting this but I'm from MM. Nice family moments you got sis :)

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