Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Love Anime!

For a couple of years before I moved here in the USA, I lived with my sister Lita and her family. At that time, she had two toddlers and 1 infant boy. Having little kids at home, sometimes you don't have choice when it comes to tv viewing. Of course, we only have one television set which is in the living room. Sometimes, the kids won't stop crying if they can't watch their own show. Most of the times, I gave up so that it will be peaceful, which means no more wailing from the kids.

I learned a secret though, I learned to like the shows they are watching. All of us got hooked to Anime shows. I remember how much we were looking forward to the next episodes of the most famous anime tv series - Ghost Fighter. We became big fans of yusuke and started to get mad with taguro. As I remember, this show had became very famous in the Philippines. It was even aired during primetime hour and both young and old got hooked to it.

Remembering the times I share with the kids watching Ghost Fighter made me smile. Spending time with them watching anime shows was part of good memories that I will always keep in my heart. Fond memories that never fails to give me a smile. Because of them, I became and anime fanatic.

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