Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Sandals for my Little Girl

Weather is getting nicer although it gets a little bit cold some days. I expect that after Easter it will be better.

When the weather is nice, we always go out and enjoy the outsides. My little girl always enjoy being outside and feeling free to roam around the ground. Whenever she wanted to go out she will get her shoes and try to put them on which of course she still can't do but very funny to look at. When she has her shoes she would say bye bye to us!

Anyway, since Andrea is growing up each day, the size of her shoes changes often. Since it is almost summer, I need a comfortable shoes for Andrea that she can use daily. I couldn't believe that Andrea loves wearing flip flops. Yes, even at her young age, she loves flip flops. I couldn't imagine how she likes wearing different shoes now because when she was younger she hates shoes! She always cry when i put her shoes on. I guess she learned that wearing shoes means she can walk freely outside.

Stride Rite has comfortable sandals that Andrea can wear. I always prefer sandals for Andrea because when it is summer it can really get hot outside, so if Andrea wears sandals her feet wont sweat. Besides, wearing sandals is also fashionable.

Stride Rite Cozumel White/Flowers is a perfect sandal for my little girl. It is sturdy so it will support her feet. This can be used for walking and even fancy enough to wear when wearing a dress.


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