Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cancelled Easter Get Together

Okay .... I am not happy with this! I was looking forward for our Easter get together but somehow, last night it got cancelled. We were to have a get together this Easter with my friends here but the big problem is the Fil_Am association has its yearly Easter party. We wanted to have our own Easter celebration but for reasons that is not to be discussed (meaning... secret! lol) our get together should be cancelled as it will affect the Fil-Am's celebration.

Oh well... I can't do anything about it anymore. Dan is gonna smoke a turkey for us for our Easter get together but since it is cancelled ... hmmm we will just eat it ourselves.


Dhemz said...

wow smoke man jud ug turkey....hehehe..pwede anha ko? hehhehe...kalami sad...oks lang nga canceled Mommy Lu..everything happens for a reason...hehehe....:)

naa pa bitaw next year puhon!

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