Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grotto Pilgrimage

It is Holy Week again. One of our (family back in Philippines) favorite place to do our pilgrimage is the Grotto in Bulacan. When we were still living in Manila we make it a point to do a pilgrimage at the Grotto at least once. We always go there and make a station of the cross. Even when we no longer resides in Manila, whenever we are in Manila and it is during Lent season, we always make sure that we can do our pilgrimage in Grotto.

I once experienced going to the Grotto during the Holy Week. If I remember it correctly it was Holy Thursday. Oh my gosh!!! the traffic was so terrible that it is faster to go their walking than riding the bus. The bus seems like it is not moving at all. When we went there, that was the first time ever that I walked that far. It was hours and hours that it was so tiring. I told myself I will not go to the Grotto anymore during Holy Week.

It was a fun experience though. I was able to witness how they celebrated their Holy Week. Unlike, with the place that I grew up with, Holy Week is a serious business. We go to church and attend services almost everyday during the Holy Week.

I miss celebrating the Holy Week, the Filipino way.


Dhemz said...

ako sad Mommy Lu..miss sad nako ang atong celebration...or shall I say...tradition...sos dire purya..wala jud tawon..ang gitagdan lang is easter egg hunting...hahhaa..pastilan

sos sa ato no grabi kaayo ta ka panata...tapos ang binignit dayon nga ga aso-aso...hehehhe!

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