Friday, March 27, 2009

Travelling with an Infant

Air travelling with an infant is very hard, especially of your child is in a stage where she already learns how to walk. The hardest part when we had our trip to Philippines was our flight from Chicago to Japan. It was the longest leg of the flight. Although Andrea's pediatrician recommended Benadryl for Andrea to help her sleep in the airplane, after the effect of the benadryl Andrea got fussy. Who wouldn't be anyway, that was such a long flight. Andrea wanted to walk and roam around, which of course hard to do because if you keep on getting out of your seat you will disturb some passengers.

Air travel is really hard. Some of the tips I can give is, bring some toys that can entertain your baby. Bring a lot of munchies. And of course, ask your pediatrician what she will advice to help the baby during the flight.

Although the air travel was hard, I will do it again because we had so much fun in the Philippines.


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