Friday, March 27, 2009

New Bed

We need a new bed for our second bedroom. Our second bedroom has been converted into multi-purpose room where we put everything in it. We have our DVD Racks there. We are movie buffs so we got hundreds of DVDs. I couldn't put the DVDs in our living room because Andrea loves to plat with it. She loves to take all the DVDs out of the racks and it is so much work to alphabetize it again. We also have my books in the second bedroom. I love collecting hard bound copy of books written by my favorite authors. Besides those, I have my Angel Collection displayed in our second bedroom. On top of all those mentioned, we have more of Andrea's stuff in there.

After few hours of arranging everything in the room, ( Thanks to my husband who did all the work.) we decided that we need a new bed. In this way, when we have company they can spend the night here comfortably.

This high quality guest bed that combines style and practicality is what I would like to buy. Unlike standard guest beds both upper and lower mattresses are 190cm (6'3) long. The lower base slides out to reveal the under sleeping platform which has drawers built into the underside This product is a fantastic bed for sleeping guests and a great space saving design.

The time4sleep website also sells Metal Beds that is a very good choice when buying a bed. Whether you choose a clean contemporary design, sleek chic, or a classic Victorian or French inspired metal bedstea, you are guaranteed to love one of their stunning metal bed frames.

Time to shop now and have a better sleep for less money.


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