Friday, March 27, 2009

Has the Economy Affected You?

"Life is so hard these days", is a common statement that you can hear from friends. Whenever we have get together with my friends, we always hear complaints about how making ends meet is harder to do now. We always discuss how we cut on some things just to be able to pay all the bills.

The present economic situation we are facing right now is really affecting everybody. Being a Mom, is a hard job to do because you are the ones that do the budgeting in the family. What is even harder is the money coming in is less and less but the bills never goes down. Most of the times, Moms tend to forget their own needs because they always give priority to the needs of the kids.

I can relate to all the mothers out there and I have good news. Sears presents Busted Moms. This is a contest sponsored by Sears where you can have the chance to win a $2,500 Mommy Make Over Package. For you to be able to join this contest be a fan of Busted Moms on Facebook. Tell your story or upload a video and you will get a chance to win a Mommy Makeover. You can also follow Busted Moms at Twitter - @bustedmoms will be giving away Sears Gift cards and they will provide updates on hot deals at Sears.

Talking about hot deals, Shop at Sears now because they are offering 75-80% OFF their Winter and Fall Apparel from now until April 18, 2009. Hurry and enjoy their huge discount.
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