Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Arms are Sore!

It has been a long day yesterday! Andrea is not feeling good. She has slight fever and she slobbers a lot! Maybe she is breaking another teeth.

When Andrea is sick, she wants to be held all the time. So, being the "ulirang ina", I hold her and use my dancing and singing talents. She didn't have those long and very sound sleeping moments, instead when I try to put her down she would wake up. I ended up having sore arms because Andrea is heavy. When this happens to me, where Andrea needs my full attention, I keep on saying... how could Nadya Suleman ever take care of those kids.... Having one is a fulltime job, how much more 8?

Anyway, I am glad that even if Andrea is sick she still don't turn down food... Although she doesn't like drinking pedialyte at least i have some clementines for her to eat... and let her have some fluids in her body.


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