Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Filipino Restaurant

I love to cook and I enjoy watching cooking shows. If I were to open a restaurant, I want it to be a Filipino restaurant. I couldn't find one here in Birmingham so I presume that if there will be a Filipino restaurant it will be a hit.

Restaurant business requires a lot of hardwork. It is important that the physical appearance of the restaurant is pleasing to the eyes of the customers. It is also a plus if the place is unique. Of course, the quality of food and service and the accessibility of the location are important factors for the success of the business.

Since I opted to have a Filipino Restaurant, I want it to look native thus it is important for me to have the ideal tables, chairs and bar stools. I found a very interesting bamboo bar stool at Fashion Seating. The bamboo bar stool is perfect for my plans.

I will recommend to all new restaurant entrepreneurs. They are the best source of value and stylish seating.


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