Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Halloween Costumes

One of my shopping secrets is to buy early so that products are on sale. I admit, I am a bargain hunter.

I know that Halloween is still 8 months away, but I am now looking and shopping for Halloween Costumes. This will be Andrea's 2nd Halloween and I want all of us to dress up for this event. This will be the first ever halloween that I will be dressing up, so I want it to be very memorable.

I want to wear Sexy Halloween Costumes. I will be wearing Adult Midnight Fairy Costume. I think that this custome is perfect for me. Of course, I have to look for the perfect match of my outfit for Dave to wear. Amazingly, Costume Hub has a wide selection of Adult Costumes and I was able to find a good deal for Dave's outfit. As for Andrea's outfit, she will be wearing angel costume.

I am now set for halloween. I couldn't wait anymore. I feel like I am a kid who is very excited and counting the days to come.


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