Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Time Mommy

I am a First Time Mommy. Although I helped raised my niece, it is different when it is your first born. When you have your own baby, you tend to get nervous thinking that you did not do the right thing. There are so many things that you are not sure of. Most likely you tend to over react especially when the baby is not feeling good.

My baby was born premature so obviously she has different needs. Besides being premature she has apnea and reflux.

During the first few days that my baby got home, I learned to do the routine that I have seen that the nurses did when my baby was in NICU. I learned to take her temperature, change and feed her every 4 hours. She got used to that routine after spending almost two months in the NICU.

The issue of how many times should the baby be changed is not a problem for me. Whether she dirties the diaper or not, I changed her every 4 hours. Later on though, I changed her when it is dirty or when the diaper is full.

For new parents, parenting is as not as easy as it seems to be. You can learn ideas from different parents at, this website helps you connect to different parents and learn from them. You can read stories and get advises on all your parenting concerns.


Glenda said...

I really think being a "mother" is the hardest job... that's why I salut and respect all mommies out there! =D

i love my mommy!

Cecile said...

i can relate with your experience as first time mom, I was too, 4 years ago; my son was a premmie baby, was at NICU for a fragile that I was nervous to give him a bath!

it was hard, but i made, too dear, just need to be patient for it is natural to get nervous!

you are a good mom and you are doing you best i am sure of that!

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