Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday Gifts

My birthday is not yet until next week. Today, when we went to see Mom and Dan, my birthday gifts (yes gifts... as in plural hehe) were already in a box! I was surprised of course because it is still early to receive a gift.. but hey I am not complaining!

Anyway, Mom handed me a box full of wrapped things but she cautioned me to open the biggest one last... So here was I carefully opening my presents... after I read the 2 cards (1 card from Mom Lori, Dan and Terri and 1 card from Bosley and Buffy, the dogs) then I opened a wrapped cantaloupe, a wrapped clementines, a pair of socks, a small chopping board, some cadbury candies and the last big one which I need to be careful opening as Mom cautioned was a COACH PURSE!

I was having fun opening the little gifts, the wrapped fruits and other goodies were silly and funny. When I opened the big package I felt that it was a purse, when I saw it I thought they were joking with me and bought me and imitation coach purse. Mom and I always joke about owning a Coach Purse... But when I checked the purse, I was shocked to see that it was an original Coach Purse! My first reaction was "Why did you buy this? This is expensive!"

To make the story short, I was surprised with my birthday gifts! Oh I am not just surprised I was shocked of what I got! but I LOVE IT!

Thank so much Mom and Dan and Terri. Of course, thanks to my Babe who didn't spoil the surprise.... Thanks Mom for the effort of wrapping those silly stuffs.. hey, I love clementines and I now learn to like cantaloupe. I always wanted a small chopping board because the big ones are too much trouble to clean up ( i am lazy). The socks are nice and of course the cadbury is my favorite.


gwapaleysyus said...

i thought it's bigger than what I've got last year.I went to the mall and had a peek on it. sinawon sija heheheh mine was all dark brown my next favorite color from red. You should see my black colored jafaykes it fits my 10lbs book meaning it's bigggggg!

Dhemz said...

WOi Mommy Lu..when man diay imo bday? hehhee..invited ko sa imong party? hehhehhe!

agoy kalami saimong presents ah...swerte jud nimo...hehhehe..ako never meet my MIL....:(

nice coach it...pwede paulos Mommy Lu pag d naka ganahan...hehhehe...joke!

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