Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oxygen in Sports

Oxygen is the most vital ingredient to health and vitality. We need oxygen to live. The quality and quantity of oxygen we inhaled affect our health. The lack of oxygen in human cells and tissues linked to a variety of health problems and disease. Oxygen is necessary and essential to life activities.

Oxygen energizes cells, helping them regenerate, and it combines with other substances in the body, a process known as oxidation, to destroy excess or toxic materials which devastate bodily functions and deplete the body of life-giving energy.

When it comes to sports, oxygen plays a great role on any athletic performance. The amount of oxygen supplied to the muscles affects the performance of an athlete. Any athlete needs a lot of sports oxygen because if an athlete has more oxygen intake, this will make the athlete train harder, train longer, and recover faster.

Taking sports oxygen will increase endurance and stamina thus it will help achieve your goal in less time. The best source for sports oxygen that I have found is


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