Friday, February 13, 2009


Evert little development of my baby girl Andrea always excites me. I have watched my girl grew up and I am not exchanging it for anything in this world. I have seen her from the tiny little one who was in the NICU incubator for more than a month to a bubbling, energetic, funny and full of character little girl.

I admit there are times that I get frustrated with her but everytime she gives me a hug or a kiss it never fail to give me a smile.

Anyway, yesterday I discovered that Andrea has new teeth in her upper gums. Yeheyyy! she got five I am sure the other side will follow soon.

Sometimes, It is just pitiful when Andrea is teething because she is not in her best of moods and she slobbers a lot. That is why, I am always glad when the teeth will show up already because that means less pain for my little girl.

Some pics of Andrea a while back proudly showing her teeth

Andrea's perfect smile

The accusing finger

The protesting mouth

Alex and Andrea wanting to be heard


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