Friday, February 13, 2009

Red and Valentines

When I think of valentines, the first thought that will come to my mind is Red. I grew up in the belief that wearing red during valentines means you are in a "WANTED" state. Wanted which means you are emotionally unattached at the moment so you are free for a date. It sounds ridiculous on how you will be associated by the color of your outfit on valentines day. But that belief has been there since I can remember.

Now, I am really seriously giving it a thought why wear red on valentines day. I think because Red symbolizes heartfelt emotion. Valentines is not only for girlfriends/boyfriends. I believe that this day is also for the couple to celebrate their devotion and commitment to each other. Valentines does not only mean you have to go out on a date, it means more to give your love one a hug, a kiss, a loving gesture of affection and spend time with them.

Happy Valentines everyone. Now it is time for me to look at my closet and look for something red. If I can't find any, I still have a day to go to the store to buy one.


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