Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Network for Readheads


I am always fascinated with redheads . I don't think I have seen a redhead in the Philippines. When I moved here in the USA, I saw quite a few of them. At first I couldn't stop wondering how did it happen that the color of their hair is red. For me, that was extraordinary. After thorough research, I found out the reason why some people are redheads.

Allen, my friend's boyfriend, is a redhead. The same with other redheads, Allen is extra sensitive to the ultraviolet light. Whenever he is outdoors and exposed to the sun, his skin will just turn red instantly.

While browsing the net, I come across a website that is dedicated to redheads and redhead lovers. I have to tell Allen to check it out because it says that it is the largest, most active and reddest online community. He can hang out on this site, have fun and meet redheads or redhead lovers.

The website offers free membership. is the only free social network for redheads.



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