Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bangus (Milkfish)

Menmen called me today and asked what would the best recipe for her bangus. Wow bangus! yummy! I told her that I always like bangus and she can cook daing na bangus, bangus cooked in vinegar or bangus soup, either of the three suits me.
For all who doesn't know what bangus is, bangus is a milk fish. This is the national fish of the Philippines. This fish is a major farm fish in the Philippines. Milkfish (bangus) is a most delicious fish, with just one problem - it's the fish of a million bones. The usual fish bones aren't a problem at all, but this fish has about 180 intermuscular spines. Fortunately they're in bundles so you don't have to deal with each one individually.

I am glad though that milkfish is available (although frozen) in the Filipino store here. Well, next time we will be going to the Super H market in Georgia, I am sure I will buy some of the fresh bangus there.


ghieGANDA said...

Yeah. I love bangus too. Daing and sinigang are my faves. Haayy.. Mouth watering. Hehe.

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