Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Andrea's Ear Tube Surgery

We woke up early today because Andrea's schedule was at 6:45. Actually we only have like 2 hours sleep. All of us couldn't sleep, even Andrea. We are dreading this day.

We arrived at Children's South Hospital around 6:13 we are early. We registered and waited for our appointment.

When Andrea's name was called, we went to the triage room for her vital statistics, then we waited in the room assigned to her for further instructions. There the nurse assigned to her and the anestheosiogist came and explain to us everything about the procedure. After all the explainations, we felt comfortable. A few minutes later Andrea was wheeled ( she was in the cart... playing) to the operating room.

Before we knew it, the doctor went to our room (while we were having coffee... refreshments were free) and announced that everything is great and that it is done! Wow !!!! that was so quick.

Andrea was brought to us by the nurse and we stayed in the room for few minutes then we were allowed to come home.

We are so proud of Andrea. She was doing so good. She didn't fuss at all. When we got home she was ready to eat and play, although I have to stop her from playing because of doctor's advice. So far she is doing so great!

Mom and Dan were there with us too for Andrea's surgery. Thanks to you both! And of course I am thankful to God that everything went well.

Pictures taken before Andrea's surgery:

Andrea at the lobby

Meeting a new friend

Triage Room, nurse taking Andrea's vital stats

Andrea's recovery room

Inside the recovery room


Bea said...

Thank you for the success of the surgery... Andrea is great, I've been praying for that. Take care..

Lulu said...

hi dear! glad you are into blogging now. Add me up!

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