Monday, December 1, 2008


Andrea had her first few steps a week ago. Of course, we are all so excited about it. When, she finally walked more than 3 steps, our camera was of course not ready to capture the moment.

Andrea has been a busy bee (as always). She learned to climb to our couch. She has four teeth now. And, she loves to eat the real food now, the food for the grown-ups.

Time really fly so fast... My little angel is almost 1 year old. Sometimes, I couldn't imagine how small she was and how delicate her condition was. Whenever, I watched her play with so much energy that always amazes me. I often ask where did she ever get that energy. There are just times that she drives me crazy when she is very hyper and has too much energy that I can't almost handle.

She is always a happy baby though. And of course, it always breaks our heart when out of the blue she will just come to you and give you a kiss.

Whewww the joy of motherhood! I would not trade it for anything else!

Andrea trying to walk

The walk....

The destination....


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