Thursday, December 4, 2008


We applied for Andrea's passport so that we can come home to Philippines. Of course, one of the requirements is to provide a passport size photo of Andrea. We went to CVS Pharmacy to have it done there. Passport photos cost 7.99 for two pictures. I was even commenting to Dave how it happen that they charge 7.99 for the passport photos while they only charge 6.99 for 24 shots film for developing. I said that is weird thinking how much ink and photopaper they will use for developing the pictures. But of course, you don't have a choice if you need passport size photos.

When we had filled everything and paid everything for Andrea's passport application, the employee in the Postal Office noticed that Andrea's picture is bigger that it is supposed to be. The photo should be in correct size from the chin to the head which of course Andrea's pic was bigger than the exact measurement. What a disappointment considering the amount we paid for it.

We don't have a choice but to have another passport photo taken or we might have some problems on the application. We don't want any reason to delay the application. So for the second time, we have to have a passport photo but this time we went to Walgreens. We were satisfied with the picture and the postal office employee said it was the perfect measurement.

So hopefully, we will have Andrea's passport in few weeks.

Yeahh!!! we are so excited to come home!


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