Monday, December 15, 2008

Rest in Peace, Joy

Joy passed away today. After months of struggle she finally gave up. I already prepared myself to accept the fact, that she is very sick and only time can tell when she will leave us. But when that happens, I think nothing can prepare you for that. It is different saying, I hope she wont suffer long and seeing (knowing) her go is also different.

We all know that it is best for her and for all of us that the Lord will take her away, to stop the suffering that she felt and to our suffering too. But you will also feel the sadness that her life has been so short.. there is always a feeling you can't describe.

I will always remember Joy. The simple pleasures she enjoys. The simple things she used to ask me for, the sweetness and innocence, her love for the kids and when I see lettuce (her all time favorite), it always remind me of Joy.

I know this is all so hard on all of us especially to her Mother and Father. Please join me in prayers for strength for the family who are left behind. May all of us finds joy in knowing that with Joy's death, she is free from all the pains she endured.

May the Almighty Father grants eternal rest to her soul.

Joy, with all our love, we will surely miss you.


Carolyn said...

Hi lulu, i'm so sorry to hear this bad news. i really know how you feel and her family because it happened to us too. my dad died because of his kidney failure. He had dialysis for 10 years. we know that he will leave us and we accepted that but on the time of his death, all of us had a hard time to accept that his leaving. But that's life.

I will pray for her and my her soul rest in peace

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Lulu, this is so sad. I am sorry. But who is Joy? Are you related to her?

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